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We have been hearing many questions and concerns about the legality of our business and moreover legality of buying from our portal. So, just to straighten things up, we are putting up all the things you need to know about adult category products and their legality on the Indian soil.

We have studied the Indian Laws and researched the import & export rules and regulations for a substantial amount of time to decide what products are eligible to be imported into India. After careful consideration of all factors, we have showcased these products in our store ( that are fully compliant with the import-export rules in India. We take full responsibility of the products we sell, so you, the customer does not have to worry about anything after having placed the order online.

The below mentioned content is not our hunch or gut feel but arrived at after consulting with few (2 actually but trust me, they are more then enough) of the biggest import/export and law consultant firms of the country respectively.  

1. Is it legal to shop sex toys at

WRONG QUESTION. Let's be clear about this first that Cleonova DOES NOT sell any sex toys. We do have a collection of products that can be used by adults for pleasure & relief, either in person or with their partner. We have carefully selected the products that actually get classified under this category. Under the Indian Penal Code, 1860, Section 292 prohibits the sale of obscene objects. A magazine with nude pictures of women will be considered obscene and so will a DVD which has a XXX movie in it. However a lingerie packaging which has a model who is posing the lingerie that is inside it, is not the objective product but the lingerie is and as long as the picture of the model is NOT lascivious and shows NO nudity, it is not considered obscene under the rule of law.

A bunch of products that we carry in the Adult category section are merely machines that are used by adults for performing various functions like neck massage, head massage, ear massage, feet massage, back massage and hand massage. The shape and forms of some of these products are made to serve a dual purpose and adults derive pleasure by using them in multiple applications that they like or choose to. That products are not considered a SEX TOY. These are merely a multiple application apparatus.

2. Is Cleonova into illegal business?

NO, we are not. We are into the sale and distribution of carefully selected products which are legal and permissible as per various Indian laws. In fact, there is no specific Indian law referring to sexual wellness products. India has certain laws governing ‘obscenity’ and as a retailer, we present the carefully selected products on our site in a tasteful manner, keeping these norms in mind. All of our products are checked and approved by customs before they reach our warehouse. We can therefore ensure you that shopping at Cleonova is 100% legal.

3. Is my credit/debit card information safe when I shop at

Absolutely. Our site uses 256 bit SSL certification and is Level 1 PCI compliant which means your card information is encrypted & secure and never stored on our server. We host our website on Shopify which is one of North America's largest and trusted E-commerce solution for over 100,000 merchants worldwide. They use the highest level of security in the shopping cart which is used to process millions of dollars of sales every month through their network. Here is a link to their website and security details.
We have partnered with one of India's largest payment processors called PayUmoney for our merchant account processing which allows us to accept payment. 

In case you have any further questions regarding legal issues, please get in touch via contact us or write to us at and our legal expert will get in touch with you! Remember, we do not judge you on anything and maintain your discretion as our priority. So, feel free to ask anything weird or normal.



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