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You might have some of the following questions about us, so we have tried to cover them here:

Q: Hey cleonova guys, is your business legal in India? Will I be in trouble if I shop at your store?

A: Our business is 100% legal. Read here for more info

Q: Will people find out that I have ordered an intimate product?

A: We send out each and every shipment in 100% discreet packaging which means that not even the courier guy will know that what he is delivering

Q: I want to order from you but I can't take the risk of my mother receiving the parcel? She might end up opening it.

A: You can pick up your parcel from the nearest FeDex location within 2 days of its arrival 

Q: Are my contact details safe with you?

A: We have very strict customer confidentiality guidelines inside the organization. Your data cannot be transmitted from the system without management approval. Only 2 people have access to it : the packaging guy in Warehouse and the awesome person who sends you cool updates. Not even the CXO level people have access to individual customer level data

Q: What is the delivery time after placing order?

A: Average delivery in 3-7 days for anywhere in India. We stock all our inventory and send it out from central warehouse. Most of our shipments are sent by FeDex

Q: What is the delivery cost?

A: We offer FREE delivery for all orders above Rs 999 even if that means paying out of our profits. All this just to keep things simple for you

Q: Are the products safe to use?

A: All the products we offer are authentic and genuine products to the best of our knowledge. We also do a thorough research while building our portfolio. However, we accept no liability for any harm incurred by the use of any product that you buy from

We encourage you to conduct your own research about the product features and compatibility before conducting a purchase

Q: What is Cleonova Fantasy Box?

A: As the name suggests, it is actually a fantasy box that helps couples fulfill their deep hidden fantasies. You gotta try it to know it. But be informed that it is addictive!

Q: Are you hiring?

A: Please check work with us for current open positions



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