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Peter Licker Premium Oral Fun 30 ML

Peter Licker Premium Oral Fun 30 ML

  • Rs. 699.00

When you give head, do you ever wish you had your lips wrapped around something a little more appetizing? Not that there's anything wrong with the way your lover tastes, but sometimes it's a delicious idea to turn oral sex into a luscious treat.
Top your lover's penis with this flavored body topping for a dessert-like experience that will have you fantasizing about licking and sucking your partner's tool until you're again tasting his candy stick.
For the ultimate in tasty blow jobs. You'll have him on his knees, begging for more!
Available in mystical mint, juicy passion fruit, sweet strawberry, sexy cinnamon, and wild cherry. Did we mention that variety is the spice of life?
*Flavor in shipped randomly

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